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Quality Control

We have 10 critical quality control steps
Our quality has also improved significantly over the years. To ensure our customers receive the best products, we implemented TQM (Total Quality Management). During each production process, we inspect the quality.

  1. When the white raw materials first arrive, we examine the fabric to ensure it aligns with the order (construction, color, unit order).
  2. Before and after printing, we inspect the products again to check the products’ prints, color, and size and if it fulfilled the requirements of the order.
  3. Checking all the material after coming from the dying, printing or batik process about color, spot, tread etcetera
  4. While stacking the fabric to cut, we go through each layer so there are no rejects.
  5. We check again after cutting before handling them to the seamstresses for sewing.
  6. After sewing, we assess the fabric to ensure it has the right size, color, thread, sewing method, buttons, and labels
  7. Then, we check the size and other specifications of the final goods (from sewing before placing label, tag, pin, barcode, and sticker) before packing it in polybags and carton boxes.
  8. Final checking is by Pro-forma to make sure each SKU by piece and total quantity order match before handling it to the containers.
  9. We then inform customers about the ready item to be shipped and inform them of the trucking number, delivery time, arrival date, export document to ensure the customers receive all the goods following their order and specification. 
  10. We then review them together with the customer after opening the boxes in case of any felt or reject item
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