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What is the price for Custom order?

For custom order, please send us the design so we can check the price.
For regular sarong and clothing, please visit our website for the style and price.

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What is the minimum quantity for the order?

The minimum qty for sarongs is 125 pcs/style/color.
The minimum qty for clothing is 60 pcs/style/color (3 size maximum).

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Where do you export your products?

We export our products to USA, GERMANY, MEXICO, CHILE, and SOUTH AFRICA.

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What are the fixed length of the sarongs?

The size is approx. 110-115 width and approx. 180 cm length.

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Is it possible if we want to produce sarong with our own design and under our own label?

Yes, we can make custom design sarong and custom label.
Please send us the sarong design in vector based file (pdf/eps/adobe illustrator/corel draw/etc.) with size 200 x 120 cm (this is our screen size) so we can check the price and other details. Please follow guidance as attached when you make the design. Please also send us the label design with size details and material use (woven label or satin label) so we can check.

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Can you make sarong towel that we can have sewn onto a towelling material?

Yes, we can.

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How long is the production process?

The production is depend on the qty of production and the weather.
If the weather is fine, usually the production take about 1.5 months till 2 months after deposit received.

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How much is the shipping cost of our order?

Please send us your address, so we can check the shipping cost.

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Can you finish our order sooner?

It depends on the weather, but we will try our best to finish the order sooner.

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Can I buy sarongs 5 pcs in some colours and some style?

Yes, you can buy it from our available stock (as attachment).
If you would like to make an order, the minimum order qty is 125 per design per color.

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I would like large size sarongs of high quality rayon?

Could you please advise size of sarong you are looking for? So we can check. Our sarong size is 115 x 180cm, we can make larger size 115 x 200cm or 115 x 225cm.

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Is the minimum order for knitting 125/piece? Is it mixed color? Do you ship to USA?

Minimum order qty for knitting is 125 pcs for the available thread color, can be mixed maximum three colors (40 pcs per color). Regarding shipping, yes, we ship to USA. Please advise the shipping address (detailed with zip code) so we can check the shipping cost.

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What products do you specialize in?

We are specialize in beach sarong as our best seller, but also we manufacture resort wear as the second best seller and then bikini swimsuit as third best seller

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I would like to know more on how to order your goods in bulk quantities (ordering process and delivery)?

Please advise what do you want to order and the qty of the order, so we can make the proforma for you.
Please also advise the shipping address, so we can check the estimated shipping cost.
Please check our website to see our catalogue product. The price on our website are ex-work/ex-factory price, exclude shipping. To start your order, we will need 50% deposit and another 50% + shipping charge should be paid before shipping. Please advise.

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I would like to order and develop some sarong, dress and bikini. Can i send you photo to be duplicated?

Yes, we can work using photo but will take more time, if you had sample we can do faster.

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