Our Services


There are 2 options to supply the raw materials:

  1. Customize manufacture in our facility: We manufacture the materials ourselves, from the designing process to its production. Through this, the design of the fabric is exclusive and is able to be reproduced for future orders. Our in house facility included print, tie dye, batik stamp, and smoke. Each process has their own unique characteristics.
  2. We purchase from wholesalers: This means there are many available options, but may have trouble re ordering the same print in the future. There are also instances where wholesalers require us to purchase all the different variations of color in a series of fabric, instead of purchasing the bestselling color. However, purchasing from wholesalers tends to be faster and does not require investments in design, and screen.
We typically use rayon, linen, cotton, and voile, but we also have access to georgette, bamboo, telcel, crinkle etc


We design the clothes from scratch according to the customer's request. Customers are welcome to describe their requirements, send a sample, photo, specifications to customize their orders. From there, we will produce samples following the requirements. Changes will be made to the sample until it is suitable. Once the sample has been agreed on, we will start production.


All the cutting and sewing is done by our professional staff, experienced in meeting the required quality control for exports for over 10 years. We prioritize the quality to create comfortable products that can be worn daily.


We have 3 option of shipping, depend on the volume or time expected by customer: Courier, Air freight, Sea freight container We also can do consolidate shipping if customer have order in other supplier. The freight service is door to door for courier and door to port for air freight and sea freight. For the shipping quotation, please contact us.